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Monday, November 10, 2008

Featured Shop: Lunarra Star

A little From the Seller:

A little bit about me and my jewellery ->I want all my jewellery to be inspiring: the gemstone collection for its stones, which all have meanings behind them and can be chosen for their properties (e.g. good for headaches); Alice in Wonderland for its magical quality, to never stop seeing things in a childlike, magical way; and my cameo collection, to remind us of days past and beautiful elegance.I also think packaging is important, i want the item to be received and the buyer to be so very happy with it. I think good old fashioned customer service is important too.Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite children’s books. It’s magical and full of wonder! When I designed this Alice “Drink Me” necklace I thought of myself, mischievous at that age. Would I have drunk it not knowing if it was poison, good or bad? I almost definitely think I would have drunk it. When making the necklace I thought about the best way to encase the beautiful vintage image of Alice. I used glass instead of plastic for a nice weight.My collections were inspired by my childhood, looking through my grandma’s antique family jewellery and my favourite childrens book to this day “Alice in Wonderland”. I just love the cheshire cat in it, we have 4 cats and I’m sure they would approve of my choice of favourite childrens book since I’m sure they think a book could only be good if it includes a cat!

I love this seller for her cuteness of taste and creativity. I love the alice in wonderland theme. She takes such professional looking pictures, so clear and lovely. I feel like I can reach into the screen and grab it!

*Shop Url: LunarraStar.etsy.com
*You can also find her at

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